Astra Jigsaw My Favorite Things

Astra Jigsaw My Favorite Things 1.32

Another edition of the jigsaw puzzle collection from Lena Games
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Astra Jigsaw My Favorite Things is yet another edition of the jigsaw puzzle collection from Lena Games, a game that recreates the traditional jigsaws many of us used to play as kids. This time, the collection gathers a set of photographs dedicated to the author's favorite things: you will see pictures ranging from countryside landscapes and puppies to exotic animals, famous buildings, and breathtaking underwater scenes. The full version of the game comes with 100 photographs, while the free trial lets you play with 5 pics.

Jigsaws Puzzles are packed in a friendly interface that offers pretty much all you need to play comfortably and without any distractions. When you open the game you will see the picture gallery where you can choose the photograph you like the most. You can then configure the jigsaw level of difficulty by specifying the amount of pieces and their shape. There are several piece shapes to choose from, the most notable of all being the original 'shape figure', cutting pieces in the form of animals, flowers, letters, and other objects.

Once your puzzle has been created, you will see a toolbar at the top where you will find, among other features, pockets and extra windows for organizing pieces, and also a resizable magnifying glass for handling tiny pieces in large puzzles. There is also a button to save your current game and continue playing later, and an extra option to change the background color for one that goes better with your current puzzle.

Needless to say that the photographs are beautiful and of great quality, and as the selection is varied, you are sure to find one that you like.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Nice interface with many handy tools
  • Fully customizable jigsaws
  • Great images
  • Entertaining


  • None at all
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